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IDEAL IMPLANT® Structured Breast Implant is a new type of implant that is filled with saline but has an internal structure to make it behave as if filled with silicone gel. The IDEAL IMPLANT contains a series of nested shells that provide support to the edges and control fluid movement to prevent bouncing. The result is an implant that combines certain key features and benefits of both saline and silicone gel implants.

What Is A Silent Rupture?

When a silicone implant ruptures, it is called a “silent rupture” because it can be hard to detect just by looking in the mirror. That is why the FDA recommends an MRI scan every two years to detect if silicone implants are still intact.

The IDEAL IMPLANT has a natural look and feel without the risk of silent rupture like silicone implants. You will always know if your implants are intact simply by looking into a mirror!


The IDEAL IMPLANT offers many benefits, including:

  • Youthful shape and feel
  • Filled with saline that is safely absorbed by the body if ruptured
  • No sticky silicone gel involved
  • Requires a smaller incision than silicone implants
  • Lower rupture rate and higher rupture strength

The IDEAL IMPLANT was approved by the FDA in 2014 after years of research and testing led by this innovative design, developed to better meet the needs of women looking for natural-looking breast augmentation without the concerns of silicone gel ruptures. It is filled only with saline, which many women like for peace of mind in case of rupture.

How Do You Help Women Pick The Right Breast Implant?

Our consultation is a little bit different because we do some things that are different. So, the primary thing that we do is to try and get a feel for what the patient wants. And I think it's helpful if the patient brings in a photo. Almost every patient will bring you a few photos of what their goal is, what they want to look like, and then that kind of starts the ball.  We have all the implants lying on the table. There is a reason to use every single one of these. We have shaped, we have smooth, we have round. We have different profile ratios. We'll start out the conversation saying there's a right implant for you, but there's also probably a few right implants for you. I'm always surprised when patients tell me they've been to other places and physicians are giving them one choice or telling them, ‘Don't worry, honey, I'll pick your size, you're going to look fine’. 3D imaging has been around for eight years or so, we had it when it first came out. We're going to show you on a three-dimensional image of yourself, so that really there's no guesswork. This is exactly what it's going to look like.

How Do You Present The IDEAL IMPLANT As An Option For Louisville, KY Breast Implants?

It's really the only new type of implant that's been introduced in years. And we show them underneath the cloth, it feels just like a gel implant. Yet it has some sizing interoperability that you don't have with a fixed volume gel. The incision is a little bit smaller, and the warranty is really as good or better than anything else that's out there. Well, what's the negative? It costs more. I do explain to them though, if you're going for silicone gel you're looking at MRIs at the cost of $1,500 - $2,500 each if you really want to know. And how many are you going to have of these things? You can have more MRI costs than the whole procedure costs. A lot of times the patients will select the IDEAL IMPLANT, never having heard of it before they come in.

How Do Your IDEAL IMPLANT Patients Feel About Their Choice Of Louisville, KY Breast Implants?

They love them. They feel like a gel implant and if they're worried about a rupture, it takes the whole rupture question out of the mix. But it's rare that the patient, when presented with the merits of the IDEAL IMPLANT, if cost is not the issue, that they won't choose that. Because there really is no reason not to. I think patients like the fact that this is the newest, latest and greatest state-of-the-art implant. There really haven’t been any big changes in silicone gel implants in a long time, other than the consistency of the gel, so this is revolutionary. I think the patients understand that you have something that feels like a gel implant, which is why we like gel implants, that doesn't wrinkle like a gel implant, which this does not, that has the longevity that's as good or better than most of the gel implants, that has a warranty that's as good or better than all of the gel implants. And it has a smaller incision because you roll it up like a cigar and stuff it in a smaller hole. What's the negatives doc? Well, it costs more. So they understand that and say, well that's why it costs more.

Why Do Women Schedule Their Breast Augmentations At Salzman Cosmetic Surgery And Spa?

I think that our patients are pretty impressed that everything I'm saying is different than what they've heard in the two or three other consultations. We charge more, but we're doing all these other things that people aren't doing. We're not stuffing implants in you while you're awake. We're using a $30,000 3D imaging machine. We're doing a high-resolution ultrasound pectoralis box. So, what we're doing is different. That's how we separate ourselves from the pack, in that we're doing a much more advanced procedure. Our schedule rate is probably close to 100% even if they've seen 10 surgeons. It's been exciting over the last couple of years because what we're doing is so different. I'm aghast when I see some of the consultations that patients have and they tell us, ‘Well, Dr. so-and-so didn't say anything about that.’ You can still do a tummy tuck like they did in 1975, that's fine, but there have been some advances. There's some newer ways of doing it. If you're not willing to accept the fact that something's new and present that as an option just because you think it's no good, or you just don't want to do it, that's probably not a great thing. You can say you choose not to for whatever reason, but I really don't like when the physician poo-poos something that they don't have because it either costs money to do, or it takes time to learn. They say, ‘Oh that, you don't need it. That's an advancement that doesn't matter.’ And that's not really true because these things do matter.

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