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Lip Enhancement: Bring on the Lush!

October 15, 2021

Lips, they should be luscious, are we right? The idea that plump lips only became a trend a few years ago is somewhat misguided. Sure, it was only recently that celebrities started showing up on social media with fuller, more voluptuous lips, but that doesn’t mean we didn’t want them long before that. What changed […]

Your Emotions After Plastic Surgery

October 15, 2021

If you’ve decided to have plastic surgery, it’s safe to assume that you experience feelings of excitement pretty often. Most people do. Having plastic surgery can be a life-changing decision that bolsters one’s sense of self confidence to such an extent that life just feels sweeter. As surgery day approaches, the excitement that builds is […]

Expanded Knowledge has Led to the Evolved Facelift. Here’s What You Should Know!

September 30, 2021

Here’s an interesting tidbit of information you may not have known, doctors have been performing facelift surgeries longer than heart surgery has been around. Surgical techniques to revive an aging face began in the early 1900s. Since that time, fortunately, the field of plastic surgery has transformed in the most powerful and exciting ways. Here, […]

Breast Augmentation Questions Every Patient Should Ask

September 15, 2021

Breast augmentation has been widely sought-after for decades. This single procedure holds the potential to significantly improve a woman’s body proportions and satisfaction with her appearance. What is interesting about this procedures is that, being as popular as it is, prospective patients often don’t ask the questions that they should. They may either think they […]

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What a Few Tiny Needles Can Do For Your Skin

August 30, 2021

The conversation about anti-aging is ancient. It will probably also be infinite. As long as there are humans, there will be thoughts of how to look and feel our best. Over time, mountains of scientific data have informed the development of numerous surgical and nonsurgical techniques, devices, and treatments, all aimed at making the face […]

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How Will You Craft Your Mommy Makeover?

August 15, 2021

Moms. They seem to do it all. In all of the caretaking that mothers tend to do, there is often little time to address the cosmetic concerns that have resulted from pregnancy and breastfeeding. Let’s face it, the body also changes when Mom doesn’t get enough sleep or has little time to prepare the nutritious […]

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Maximizing Your Tummy Tuck Results with Early Planning

July 30, 2021

Tummy tuck surgery offers some exciting rewards. With careful and early planning, patients who schedule abdominoplasty can maximize their outcomes. Here, we discuss the strategies that can help you get the most of your tummy tuck process.  Choose the right technique for your body. Fortunately, as you explore your surgical options, your surgeon will conduct […]

Cosmetic Procedures for Men

July 15, 2021

In the past few decades, we’ve seen a number of changes in the field of aesthetic medicine. We went from surgical options for face and body to a plethora of nonsurgical treatments. Additionally, though aesthetic treatments were never only for women, we have seen an increase in the number of men obtaining various surgical and […]

The Many Faces of Anti-Aging

June 30, 2021

As we go through life, we may feel as if we have many faces. We’ve got the youthful face we remember, then we have the one we see in the mirror every day. In between, there may have been numerous minute changes; a wrinkle here, some lip deflation there. Sure, those lines mean we’ve lived, […]

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